Facilities Management Review

M2M School Business Management can provide advice and guidance in relation to the overall management and maintenance of the school buildings, facilities, grounds, fabric and furnishings.

Facilities Management service

Review of all Facilities & Estates Management Documentation

Every school/academy should have robust systems in place for selecting, purchasing and maintaining equipment.  These systems must have due regard to all statutory requirements.

Failure to comply :

 Will contravene Health & Safety legislation and may result in fine or even imprisonment of the offender.

 Failure to perform these tasks may also invalidate the academy / school insurance cover.

 Failure to maintain and service specific building elements at recommended intervals can also significantly impact upon their efficiency, safety and lifespan.

M2M School Business Management can carry out a review of all Academy/School documentation including certificates of testing/servicing to ensure that all; works have been undertaken at appropriate time, and frequency and by a suitably qualified contractor.

Service Level Agreements/Contract Procurement Review Service

Academies and schools often want to review aspects of their operations and are looking for advice on their current function and options for future delivery.  This can include developing new contracts, sharing resources within school partnerships / clusters.
Have you ever found yourself saying:

 I’ve never bought something like this before – where do I start? 
 How do I ensure I get the best possible price and quality on every purchase? 

Let M2M School Business Management undertake an audit of your current Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) / Contracts providing you with advice & guidance to ensure your schools procurement of service contracts are value for money.

Examples of Target Areas

 Facilities Management – Relief Caretaking Service Contracts.

 Building Maintenance Service Contracts, such as Heating/Plumbing/Electrical Services, Tree Surveys, Pest Control etc..

 Energy/Utility Contracts

 Catering Contracts

 Cleaning Contracts

 Photocopying / Leasing Agreements

 Security, CCTV, Access Control Systems

 Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting

 Legionella Water Hygiene

 Asbestos Surveys etc

Review of Premises Staff Roles & Responsibilities

Carrying out a review of premises staff roles and responsibilities to ensure that they meet the up-to-date needs of the Academy/School can be offered, as well as providing consideration of ‘letting out’ school facilities outside normal school hours to further develop extended services and local community requirements.

M2M School Business Management can support you to achieve positive sustainable outcomes.

Why not contact me – to discuss your needs!

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