Value for Money Efficiency Review

high quality and low cost

The Value for Money Efficiency Review Service is all about helping academies and schools get the best value they can out of their resources – I’m not just talking about cost savings, but also about the best use of skills, people and opportunities available.  

This bespoke review helps each academy/school to explore the challenges they face by developing action plans to help address them, and providing advice on where to get further help. The advice provided is confidential to the school.

The M2M School Business Management Consultant will spend two / three hours with the Headteacher/Business Manager/Bursar or Finance Officer to explore the key challenges facing the academy / school and to identify actions that will help them get the most from their spending. It touches on anything that could help the school improve, from remodeling support staff teams and the structure of school leadership teams to procurement spending and inter-school collaboration.

Before the visit the academy/school are asked to answer a brief questionnaire and highlight two areas from the list below where they feel they would benefit from support and advice on :

 Academy Staffing Structure – how the Academies workforce is structured and managed – Remodelling of Support Staff

 Leadership – how the Academy’s Leadership is structured and managed

 Strategic Management – how the Academy/School manages resources to achieve value for money

 Collaboration and Partnership – how the School collaborates with other organisations/academies/schools/clusters

 Challenge and Governance – role of the Governing Body and Audit Committee in challenging and supporting delivery of value for money.

 Procurement Performance – obtaining the most appropriate goods/services the best price.

The Value for Money Efficiency Review is divided into three parts:

Part 1

Pre Visit Preparation

The Academy/School is required to complete a short questionnaire to help understand where to focus the support.

A Consultant will then contact the school and discuss the outline of the day and who should be involved from the school team. (this could include a governor)

Part 2

Consultancy Visit

A Consultant will spend half a day with the school leaders team, exploring the two issues identified. 

This involves reviewing plans, discussing challenges and identifying actions.

Part 3

Post-visit Reporting

Feedback to the school providing them with a written record of the discussions and advice on where to get further advice and support.

The Academy/School has the opportunity to provide feedback on the support received.

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