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Website Health Check service

Does your school website comply with the DfE & OFSTED Requirements?

Your School Website is one area that is becoming increasingly important to an OFSTED Inspection of your School. Your school website is your main channel of communication with current and prospective parents but it is also one of the first things that Ofsted look at prior to inspecting your school.

The DfE has laid out the minimum required for a school website; however schools are actively encouraged to make sure they publish as much information as they can to ensure their website is accurate, timely, informative, clear and easy to navigate around for parents and the school’s local community.

OFSTED Inspectors will not only look at how you publish and maintain the Statutory Content on your website but will also assess the additional information you provide on your site for your School Community.
Ofsted Inspectors are instructed to review a Schools website prior to undertaking their on-site inspection and as a result, these same inspectors will have already begun to form an opinion of your School, prior to their arrival. This will also include parental perceptions gained from the Ofsted’s online Parent View Facility.


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How to find out how well your school website is performing?

M2M School Business Management can undertake a ‘Health Check Review’ of your School website to ensure the website does comply with DfE and OFSTED requirements. A detailed report will be sent to you highlighting how your site performs with a supporting action plan to deal with any Statutory content missing during the review.

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